Transmission Repair, in the Shop or in the Field

A National Freightways truck went down on the side of the road in Nebraska with a transmission issue.  The transmission would not shift and was stuck in neutral.  They called Interstate PowerSystems in Lincoln, NE. Interstate’s Foreman performed a service call and was able to diagnose the transmission. He replaced the shift solenoids, shift knob and the air regulator filter and got the vehicle back in service. The customer was very pleased as he avoided a Tow bill , extended down time and was able to deliver his load on time.

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Putting Our Customer’s Needs First

Expert Level Service Keeps Customers Up and Running

Savage Quality Rail Services provides refueling and resupply services to Locomotives on the BNSF rail yard. It’s a critical task that goes on year-round, regardless of weather, time of day, or Holidays. Savage Quality Rail Services commits to the railroad that they will be available in the reailyard, and they are charged a penalty if they don’t perform. They brought a tanker trailer to Interstate PowerSystems in Lincoln, NE for repairs. The small Kubota engine that pumps the fuel to the trains was hard starting and running poorly.  Interstate diagnosed the issue as an injection pump failure.  The parts were expedited, and arrived in Lincoln on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the vendor had only ordered a partial pump.  Interstate’s technician worked through Christmas Eve to assemble a working injection pump from the parts we received to get the unit going. We were able to get the unit going to help the customer fulfill his contract and avoid fines.

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When Time is Money, You Need Expert Service

Transystems is contracted with Sugar Beet Cooperatives. They operate 5 locations in the Red River Valley to transport their customers’ products to area sugar beet processing plants. Sugar beets have a short harvest season, and the potential to lose product if not processed in a timely manner is very real. Vehicle availability is imperative for Transystems to meet their commitments to their customers. When the beet harvest is on, Transystems depends on Interstate PowerSystems  in Fargo and Grand Forks, ND to keep their equipment running in top condition, and to respond when equipment needs emergency service – in our shops, or in the field, 24/7. Transystems counts on our partnership, and Interstate’s loyalty to their mission.

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New and Improved!

Breathing new life into older equipment with an engine repower

When Bowman Construction from International Falls, MN was looking for a diesel power unit, they turned to Interstate PowerSystems in Virginia, MN. Bowman specializes in crushing rock, road construction, and Earth moving. Their old Detroit Diesel 2-cycle power unit needed to be replaced, and they needed more horsepower, and better fuel economy. Interstate was able to replace the old engine with an MTU Detroit Diesel Series 60 power unit optimized for off-highway operation. The 4-cycle, electronically controlled Series 60- added 50 horsepower resulting in increased production, and fuel economy improved between 8 and 10%, depending on duty cycle. In addition, the new Series 60 reduced engine noise by approximately 40% and increased engine life (TBO) from 5,000 hours to approximately 15,000 hours.

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Parts Professionals Keep You Running

Worldwide Service, Locally

Mining is truly a global business. Falkirk Mining Company has a Terex coal hauling truck that was manufactured for Australia.  When that truck needed a replacement switch for one that had failed, the customer was unable to find the part. Falkirk called Interstate PowerSystems in Bismarck, ND. Harvey Goeres, the Bismarck Parts Manager, could not find any supplier inthe United States, but he was able to identify the manufacturer from the switch tag.  It was an Australian-made part. Harvey made an allowance for the time zone differences and came into work at 10:00 PM to contact the manufacturer in Australia.  He ordered the switch for overnight delivery.  Falkirk had the truck running and in service within two days, using a part that came from half a world away. A few months later another switch failed. Falkirk knew who to call, and IPS provided the switch again. 

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