Energy Companies

A surge in American energy development has led to the creation and growth of a new breed of energy company. Focused on the exploration and development of natural resources, these energy companies utilize the latest technology to locate, extract, collect and transport oil, natural gas and an array of other products. Wind farms now populate the landscape while hydro projects continue to offer new opportunities. These companies recognize the need to work efficiently and effectively to make the most of their opportunities in the face of volatile market swings and changing economic conditions.

That’s why today’s energy companies choose to work with Interstate Companies. We help them maintain operations at maximum efficiency by offering the products and services they need. Interstate associates, factory-certified technicians and team members understand the work being done by our clients in the energy development industry as well as the realities our energy development customers face.

Interstate is at the ready to ensure our clients’ needs are met in every way possible. We offer many comprehensive equipment maintenance and service plans:

  • Haul Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • Power Generation Units
  • And More

We provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our branch locations maintain a complete supply of the products, OEM parts and components customers in their service areas need and use most often while always delivering service promptly and professionally.

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