The contractors we serve complete work in diverse locations, extreme conditions and difficult terrain. They build infrastructure for mining operations, work in energy exploration and development, create roadways, work on massive water projects, complete huge reclamation jobs and are always on the go. Held to the tightest of deadlines, they must deliver exceptional results. They work long hours and push their people and equipment to maximum levels. To them, time is money in a very real sense, and hours of downtime can impact their bottom line.

Some of the best contractors in our service region partner with Interstate Companies because we understand their work, the pressure they’re under and the level of responsiveness they both need. We meet those expectations by supplying the highest-quality parts, offering excellent service and delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions. We have what contractors need most: the people with the tools, experience and training to maintain and repair all makes and models of equipment and keep it in operation.

Our products and services designed to meet the needs of contractors are found at our branch locations throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wyoming. For more information, click on the photos below or contact the Interstate branch nearest you.