About us

At Interstate Companies, we recognize that time is money to our customers. Whether they face ongoing challenges or need day-to-day support, we work with a sense of urgency and an intense focus on meeting customers’ expectations. We seek out exceptional people who deliver on our motto of “Pride in Service,” a philosophy that has served our company and our customers well since 1957.

At every level of our company, our people are given the training, tools and support needed to consistently meet the needs of the individuals and businesses we serve. They are problem solvers and take on our customers’ toughest challenges to create powerful, customized solutions.

More than half of our associates are service technicians, highly qualified men and women who interact with our customers, listen to their specific concerns and address their most pressing issues. Each of these technicians takes seriously the impact his or her work has on the companies and industries we serve and is committed to constant learning and innovation.

With more than 20 locations across Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wyoming, we are always striving to add products and services to our company that will better meet the needs of our customers. Our strength, however, lies in the depth of our knowledge, the expertise of our people and the commitment of our company to be a valued partner for our customers.

“Anyone can sell you a part, and some can even offer you service. The thing that sets our business apart is our people’s abilities to solve problems. In a world full of commodities, the knowledge and expertise of our people is something nobody else can replicate.”

Travis Penrod, CEO, Interstate Companies, Inc.